About Us

Mission Statement

We Are Called:

  • To Share the Good News of the Risen Christ with the wider community. 

  • To Welcome all that choose our church as their place to worship. 

  • To Be Open and Supportive of our youth as they search for answers on their faith journey.

  • To Strive to be the hands of Christ in service to those in need in times of sorrow and to celebrate with them in times of joy. 

  • To be the feet of Christ when standing beside those who need hope in times of despair; to visit the shut-in.  T

  • To be the heart of Christ when we listen to others with compassion and love.

The History of Silver Falls United Church

Silver Falls was originally a section of a circuit formerly known as St. John County Mission in connection with the former Methodist Church of Canada which embraces Rothesay, Millidgeville, Crouchville (near East Saint John), Red Head, Lower Golden Grove, Brookville and Mispec. Later on this mission was known as the Courtenay Bay circuit.  In 1879 Rev. D. D. Moore became the first resident pastor, but as far back as 1871,  Thomas Stubbs, a devoted local preacher had held services in the communities mentioned.  In 1903, a parsonage was built as a cost of $2,000 and in 1911 the name of the circuit was changed to Silver Falls.  The church at Silver Falls was dedicated on July 11, 1886, when Rev. Richard Opie was pastor; the preachers for the day being Revds. Robert Wilson and John Read.

 Special Events  1960-2005

  • 1960             Dedication of present Sanctuary

  • 1966             Christian Education Building added to Sanctuary

  • 1979             Purchase of new organ

  • 1982-1983    Refurbishing of Memorial  Hall

  • 1984             Purchase of current manse

  • 1986             Paved parking lot

  • 1986-1988    Choir presented concerts Hearts in Harmony, Irish Night and Showtime to raise funds for new piano

  • 1987             Held first Knit-a-Thon

  • 1991              New Baldwin Sanctuary piano purchased

  • 1992             Minister’s Study renovated

  • 1994             Wooden steeple replaced by steel steeple, retaining original cross

  • 1997             Funds raised and construction of access ramp to CE Hall

  • 1998             Installation of chimes in memory of Elisa Vincent

  • 1999             Voices United Adopted

  • 2000            Landscaping and Memorial trees/shrubs

Our Unified Board and Board of Trustees

Silver Falls United Church's Governance structure is a Unified Board Model.  Our Unified Board deals with all of the responsibilities that our Session and Board of Stewards used to deal with. 

Unified Board – meets the third Tuesday every other month in the Memorial Hall to discuss church business and help in the spiritual life of the congregation.  Committees of the Board include:

  • Maintenance & Manse Committee:  deals with basic ongoing maintenance in all the church buildings, including the manse.

  • Pastoral Care Committee:  helps deal with hospital visitation, sends cards to the sick and shut-ins, keeping in touch by telephone.

  • Worship Committee:  This group assists the minister in planning services, providing assistance in any church related activities as well as present any requests the minister and congregation may have to the Board.

  • Christian Life and Growth Committee:  This committee oversees the operations of the Sunday School and Youth Group and coordinates activities with our mid-week youth groups.

  • Ministry and Personnel Committee:  This group counsels and deals with the concerns of our employees.

  • Finance Committee:  Plans and implements fund-raising ideas with assistance of the rest of the Board.  Works with Church Treasurer to create budgets.

  • Group Committee:  Technically not a committee of the Board, but it works with the Board to run the Scouting program at Silver Falls United Church

Board of Trustees – deals with items concerning structural work to our buildings, hall rentals and trust.



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