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What is Scouting All About? SCOUTS CANADA strives to be a fun, exciting experience for youth in Canada.  Our program emphasizes learning by doing, membership in small groups, stimulating and age-appropriate activities.  Much of our program is centered around the use of the outdoors.

Our activities are guided by our three principles: 

- duty to God
- duty to others
- duty to self

Is Scouting just for boys? No.  For over twenty-five years, Scouting has been open to both boys and girls.
I have heard of Beavers and Cubs and Scouts?  What's the difference? Scouts Canada runs five related programs.  Each of the programs is geared to a different age group.

Beavers:  5-7 yrs old

Wolf Cubs:  8-10 yrs old

Scouts:  11-14 yrs old (with an option to remain until 16)

Venturers:  15-17 yrs old

Rovers:  18-26 yrs old


My child has special needs.  Can he or she take part? In most cases, your local group can accommodate a child's special needs, especially with your help.
How much does Scouting cost? The Scouts Canada fee is $215.  National Office has eliminated the family discount.  However, Silver Falls Scouting will continue giving discounts to families with multiple members.

Where does the money go? The entire registration fee is sent to the New Brunswick Council office.  Some of the fee goes to National Office to pay for things like insurance and to keep national headquarters open.  Some is directed to the New Brunswick council to pay for council operations and pay for staff.  Council will allocate some money to Wabanaki Area to assist with administrative costs.  None of the money stays with the group.
What is Scouting Life Magazine? Scouts Canada provides a copy of The Scouting Life Magazine to all registered Scouters who are "active" on Myscouts, 6 times a year
What about uniforms? Beaver uniforms consist of a hat ($13.99)  and vest ($21.99). 

Cub and Scout uniforms consist of a uniform shirt ($29.99 and $32.99)

Our group provide neckerchiefs, woggles and necessary badges.  Please check with your leaders before purchasing any uniform items.  Second-hand uniforms are often available for considerably less.

Do my child and I have to take part in fund-raising? Yes.  Our group conducts a number of fund-raising activities to finance activities and to pay for supplies and camping equipment.  Those activities cannot take place without your support.  We try to keep the fund-raising to a minimum and to make it as easy for families as possible.
What kind of screening and training is available for leaders? All Scouters must obtain a Police Record Check, be interviewed by a pair of interviewers, give several references who are contacted, and then begin to serve a three-month probation. New Scouters take training, beginning with Woodbadge I.  This training teaches the Scouters about the Scouting program, about how to deliver it and how to conduct safe and fun activities in the outdoors.  Further training in First Aid, Winter Skills and more advanced outdoor training is also available.
What is a Scouter? Scouters are the adult members of Scouting.  This includes leaders, Group Committee Members and Service Scouters.
Do I have to stay for every meeting? No.  But you may be asked to help out from time to time though.
Can I become a Scouter? If you are interested in becoming a Leader or Group Committee Member, please tell one of your child's Leaders.
Do I have to go camping with my child? Cubs and Scouts do not need their parents to accompany them camping.  Beavers' camping takes the form of day camps.  Overnight camps for Beavers take the form of family camps. 

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