Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest 2013



The UCW held fall Fund Raiser, the Fall Harvest Market.  Market-goers could choose between beautiful garden vegetables, scrumptious baked-goods, mouth-watering preserves and delightful crafts.  The Market was well-attended by congregation members and members of the local community.  A very good time was had by all.

     The Gals At The Canteen                                     Gwen and Ann enjoying the fun

Squirt gets a pretty flower                                         Nanny and her girls         

Betty and Jim love their purchases               Barb working in the kitchen         
Fall Harvest Photos
       Squirt shows off her purse                                    Veneita and Ethel sellin' up a storm!

                         Squirt lookin' pretty                                Solving the problems of the world over a coffee

Christmas Crafts

Ann and Sharon haggling over squash                        Marion taking Vesey Orders for the UCW


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